In February 2016, the Ministry of Population and Environment, iDE, IWMI, and the FMIST (Farmer Managed Irrigation System Trust) co-organized the International MUS Conference. The conference goal was to share global experience, with a focus on the important role of MUS for coping with climate change impacts at the local level, including rainfall variability, drought, and increased temperatures. MUS enable communities to better allocate scarce water resources and decrease reliance on risky rain-fed agriculture. MUS also empower women by reducing the time women and girls spend collecting water, improve access to nutritious foods from kitchen gardens, and improve sanitation practices. An outstanding result of the conference was, by consensus of the participants, the formation of the Nepal MUS Network, affiliated with the Global MUS Group (https://www.musgroup.net/).

Organization of Network: iDE Country Director Corey O’Hara is the current Nepal MUS Network Coordinator. iDE Nepal is presently acting as the coordinating office for the network.┬áThis website acts as a hub for sharing information by linking to member organizations’ online information. It also provides information on Nepal MUS Network coordinated events.

International MUS workshop completed Feb. 25-26, 2016 at Kathmandu.