MUS Network Meeting 2017

On 10 April, IDE Nepal, which coordinates the Nepal MUS network, hosted a Review Meeting to take stock of MUS activities since the international MUS conference in February 2016. This event brought 35 participants, including Mr. Basudev Lohani, DDG Department of Irrigation, together.

  • The following presentations were discussed (all available at:
    Renewable World. Solar Water Lifting Technology and MUS for Energy-Poor Communities. Experiences and ppp financing
  • IDE Nepal. Addressing Local Water Conflicts through Multiple Use Water Systems; a learning from the Community Based Adaptive Learning in Management of Conflicts and Natural Resources Programme at Lumle, Kaski, Nepal
  • Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Project in Western Nepal Phase II (supported by Finland). ‘Think MUS’. A survey about project staff’s perceptions about MUS at government, project and community level.
  • Rural Village Water Resource Management Project Far West (supported by Finland). Experiences of the implementation of MUS and Water Use Management Plan
  • Integrated Water Resource Management Programme WARM-P (supported by Helvetas, Switzerland). Experiences of the implementation of MUS and Water Use Management Plan.
  • IWMI Nepal: sustainability and resilience assessment of MUS (2015); MUS and women’s empowerment (2015-17); institutionalizing MUS in Nepal
  • IWMI South Africa: update of the project ‘Operationalizing community-driven MUS in South Africa, supported by African Development Bank
  • Global MUS Group (coordinator) Possible forms of collaboration between Nepal MUS Network and Global MUS Group.